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Unseen Heroics: A Testament to Our Commitment

At VR Media House, our journey is marked by the stories of our clients, and today, we are thrilled to share the remarkable partnership we've had with the Atlanta Innovation Forum, as told through the words of Caroline Dunn, an executive board member.

A Stalwart Collaboration Since 2017

Since 2017, VR Media House, under the meticulous care of Reggie B., has had the privilege of recording and producing all the meeting videos for the Atlanta Innovation Forum. It has been a journey of over three years, during which we've delivered more than 150 videos, each capturing the essence and vibrancy of the forum's discussions.

Reliability Beyond Reproach

One aspect we take immense pride in is our unwavering commitment to reliability. Reggie has not only attended every single session but has consistently met every deadline set by the Atlanta Innovation Forum. This reliability is the cornerstone of our client relationships, ensuring that our clients can focus on their events while we take care of the visual narrative.

Above and Beyond: A Signature Move

Reggie B, known for his dedication, has not just met expectations but often exceeded them. Caroline Dunn attests to the instances where Reggie has gone above and beyond his duties. One notable incident unfolded a few months ago when the venue's microphones and sound system malfunctioned just hours before a crucial event.

The Unseen Hero: Reggie to the Rescue

With a venue filled with in-person attendees relying heavily on the microphones, the malfunction posed a significant challenge. Yet, before Caroline even arrived, Reggie was already on the scene, setting up his own large speaker with an amp and two microphones. His quick thinking and proactive approach turned what could have been a disaster into a seamless event.

Savior of the Day: A Hidden Triumph

In the end, the Atlanta Innovation Forum's event went off without a hitch. Thanks to Reggie's swift and efficient intervention, attendees were oblivious to the technical hiccup, and the event unfolded as a huge success. Reggie's ability to troubleshoot on the spot and seamlessly integrate his equipment ensured that the show went on flawlessly.

A Heartfelt Thank You

Caroline Dunn's testimonial is a testament to the impact Reggie B. and VR Media House have had on the Atlanta Innovation Forum's events. We are not just content creators; we are partners in our clients' success stories. Reggie's dedication, expertise, and ability to rise to challenges define our commitment to delivering exceptional service.

Continuing the Journey

As we reflect on the journey with the Atlanta Innovation Forum, we are excited about the future. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to many more years of collaboration, capturing the moments that make the Atlanta Innovation Forum a hub of innovation and thought leadership.

Ready to Elevate Your Event Experience? Partner with VR Media House Today!

For seamless event coverage and a commitment to excellence, contact VR Media House at or call 404-496-8617. Let us turn your events into unforgettable experiences!


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