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Virtual Tours

The Virtual Tour is a STAPLE of VRMediaHouse.  

An exquisite example of our ELITE  VR packages, This is a FULLY IMMERSIVE, VR Ready Walkthrough given to you by a REAL AGENT.  It's just like you setup an appointment to meet them there in an hour, but NOW you can EXPERIENCE the property as if you were actually there.   Don't waste your precious time on visits to homes you could have ruled out with this "Home shopping Tool"  With our VirtualWalkThrough, you physically follow the Agent through the home, in Virtual Reality. You Listen to them speak all about the property, but you DO NOT have to keep your attention on them (who does anyway, you want to check out the home on your OWN terms)  your VirtualWalkThrough actually GIVES you that experience.. Start this video in a Cardboard or VR headset and let your eyes wander!  Take in the visual feast that is 360degree video!  

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