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Start 2018 with a BANG in Mixed Reality!

I have been playing around with MR (Mixed Reality Capture since last summer off and on to no avail. I had been running into many issues that were mostly hardware related. Most folks who were successful at MR capture either used two PCs or ridiculously overpowered ones.. Either way, this was a non-issue for me as I wanted the entire process to be MOBILE.. i.e. I wanted to be able to travel with it. That means I could not use multiple desktops to accomplish this task.

So in January I found some hardware that believed could facilitate my efforts for MY proposes, and what you now see is some of the preliminary results.

These are literally the first working images from my setup, which I intend to fine-tune over the next few weeks to make MR Capture a STABLE and MOBILE product.. Wish me luck, I believe I am well on my way!

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