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‘Sin City’ Director Robert Rodriquez to Debut VR Action Series ‘The Limit’

I am SO EXCITED about this folks! First, I've been a R-Rodriguez fan since "El Mariachi" (google it..) and I look up to him because, much like I try to do, he uses cutting edge tech to advance his narrative.. This is just the latest. Below is some of the article.. enjoy!

****** Article Below*******

‘Sin City’ Director Robert Rodriquez

Robert Rodriguez, the director of films such as Sin City (2005), Planet Terror (2007), and the Spy Kids franchise, just wrapped production on a newly announced VR action series with The Fast and the Furious franchise actress Michelle Rodriguez. Called The Limit, the VR series is set to premiere this summer.

According to a Variety report, The Limit is a short-form first-person POV action series that was written, directed, and produced by Robert Rodriguez.

Michelle Rodriguez is said to play the role of a “genetically enhanced weapon of mass destruction hellbent on destroying the covert agency that created her.”

Immersive entertainment studio STXsurreal will be releasing the series on its app this summer. STXsurreal announced last year it had partnered with Google’s VR team to launch a new “pay-per-experience” app on the Daydream VR platform, which is said to host a selection of curated live-action 360 films. It’s uncertain at this time if other headsets besides Daydream will be included at launch.

Surreal, a cinematic VR company, was acquired by STX in August 2016. The company has produced more than 70 360 videos, some of which feature celebrities such as Gordon Ramsay, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and John Hamm.

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